Mama Dot Gang.

A collective.

One that celebrates the unity of women, the power of friendship and the shared circumstance that is motherhood.

Featuring girl gang vibes to inspire like-minded women to support each other through each stepping stone of adulthood – featuring positivity, femininity, self love, and straight up honesty.

Celebrating the strength uniting us all through classes, events, and modern merchandise, designed and printed in the UK.

Mama Dot Gang presents The V Hive:

Mama Dot Gang was founded by Faye to create a positive space for women to come together to learn about and discuss womanhood, and all of the powerful beauty that comes with it.

From this, The V Hive was born with the intention of holding a space that allows every woman to achieve a positive transformation into motherhood (whatever their circumstances), through Faye’s uniquely designed, supportive and informative classes.

Becoming a mother is transformational. And I am here to help women discover just how positive, empowering and life changing birth really is.

The V hive offers antenatal, hypnobirthing and postnatal classes & support for women in Essex and beyond who are ready to step into their power. Entering motherhood informed & empowered. Excited to meet their new babies as well as the transformational process in getting to that point. Achieving a calm and positive birth, whatever circumstances may arise. 

Choose to begin your journey into this next stage in your life with knowledge and power.

Discover your inner lioness. Trust me, she is in there. She just needs releasing into the wild…

The V Hive offers antenatal, hypnobirthing and postnatal courses (including mindful breastfeeding classes and support) to pregnant women and their chosen birth partners in Essex, London, Suffolk and Surrey borders.

Get in touch by emailing me at hello@mamadotgang.com

The girl behind the name.

Founder: Faye, mother in chief to two.

With two small humans in tow, I am on a mission to share a whole lotta love and inspiration with women and modern mothers across the globe. Spreading positivity and encouragement around like glitter. Driving change using the power of love in the everyday… because ultimately, love conquers all.

Current biz focus: Building a squad of sassy mamas. Growing and spreading the word of The V Hive antenatal and postnatal courses throughout Essex, London and beyond.

Loves: Smiles, human kindness, dropping the F-bomb, powerful women and shameless honest tales of ladybits (especially from fellow mamas who may have very similar tales to her own!)    

Lacking in love for: Peas and meanies.