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The smog

You know that feeling when all seems to be falling around you? And life’s proving to be just plain hard. You’re surrounded by some weird negative filled smog that no-one else can see. And you have no desire to adult, let alone parent anymore. You’re dying for a wee in peace. You long to have washed [and brushed] hair. Everything is just a bit too much. You reflect on your lazy Sunday mornings as a youth when time was no biggie and the only demands placed on you were from yourself pretty much. And you wish yourself there, crawling in under the covers with your former self to chill for a while with leftover pizza, taking however long you want to ‘manage’ your weekly hangover.

Back to the smog.

At some point, the winds change. And you achieve a small something. A little breakthrough. A light finally shines through a gap in the concrete battle you are currently having with the defiant small human in your life. And this breakthrough snaps you out of that down facing negative spiral that you had been caught up in and you start to feel a bit more positive about yourself again. But by now, it’s a tad too late because you have been listening to that self punishing monologue for so long. (And if you hear something enough ladies, you might start to believe it to be true.) And that’s what the first M.G collection is all about. Looking up when you’re facing down, before you hit rock bottom.

You see, these little things that we achieve. These small breakthroughs. Well they’re not small at all are they mama? They’re fecking huge! And right there, you’re winning.

Most of all, what you really need to remember is that you are always winning lady. All those times amongst all the chaos, when dark clouds are circling, before those small identifiable wins. That is the key moment when you need a boost most of all. That is the moment when you should take a second and reflect. Not just when the breakthroughs happen but all those times before and in between too. This is when you need to gently remind yourself of just how fabulous you are. Just how much you have achieved already and the strength you draw upon daily to do that.

But that’s easier said than done when you’re amidst the chaos and that unwelcome little internal monologue is playing on loop. It’s not easy to remember to honour ourselves in the everyday moments.

And that’s where I want M.G to come into play.

You, lady, are f**king fabulous!

Merch Coming soon

I want to create something that will catch people’s attention during their everyday moments, something that screams a reminder of “You are keeping other humans alive woman! Isn’t that amazing?! You, lady, are fucking fabulous!”

Something that gives you the V’s (positive girls gang V[ibes]’s guys). An everyday reminder that you are rocking the knickers off motherhood.

Apparel that will actively remind you to pause and give yourself a little love. An internal fist bump. A reminder of just how fab you really are in the most testing of moments.

Until the first item from the new collection is released, I want to remind you ladies now to give yourself credit for whatever you achieved today, and every day, in whatever capacity it may come. Celebrate the small wins. The toddler ate the brocolli. The five year old put their shoes on the right feet without protesting. The teenager just smiled at you. The baby sharted and has finally stopped screaming from the pain of trapped wind (it’s still a win guys, even if it is now covered in poo!)

Join the M.G girl gang on IG

While I get my design head on and get this merch produced, I would love you to come over to Instagram and say hi. Feel free to share your adulting and parenting wins by using the hashtag #motheringhard . I would love love LOVE to see an abundance of women joining in to celebrate their strengths and remind both themselves and each other of just how ruddy fabulous we all are.

Girls, ladies, mamas. Day in, day out, you are bossing it. Fighting the everyday. Adulting. Parenting. You are rocking it like nobody’s business. And you can look at yourself and say ‘Fuck yeah, I am doing this thing called life and whether big or small, a win is a win. I am trying my goddamn hardest. I am mothering like a queen right now’

So yeah, that sisters, is…