What is hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is about taking your preconceived ideas around childbirth and turning them on their head. Exploring and challenging any negative mindsets around birth that you or your birth companion may have. Teaching you ways of flourishing into a new found positive way of thinking about labour and childbirth. All of that is alongside the science you will need to know to understand exactly why your mind & body is built for this show of a life time – they are built perfectly, and my classes will teach you why that is the case!

On top of that, hypnobirthing is also about giving you lots of wonderful tools in the form of breathing & relaxation techniques, affirmations and lots of discussion to achieve a positive and calm birth. Empowered and informed is the goal. And I can help you feel just like that.

And as for the ‘hypno’ bit … it’s all about fabulous deep relaxation, syncing your mind and body to work together – I’m not going to make you act like a chicken!

This is not a prescription for the ‘perfect’ birth. I don’t believe there is one way. All births are valid and deserve to be positive. Every woman and her body is unique, and so is her birth experience.
This as about unveiling your innate power and teaching you exactly how to step into it.
We are all lionesses, we just need reminding sometimes…

For a little breakdown of my hypnobirthing courses and what they involve, keep scrolling…

The Science – This part of my course covers everything you need to know about how your beautiful bodies are built for pregnancy and birth. We look at how everything works together to help your baby move into the world, something that we evolved perfectly to do don’t you know?! [Remember, women are giving birth every minute of the day around the world and have done so since humankind first cropped up on this planet. We know exactly what to do. It is society that has taught us differently!]

Relaxation – This is the ‘hypno’ bit. I will teach you about an array of deep relaxation techniques that will aid you in pregnancy, birth and beyond. I definitely will be offering you a space to relax and reset your ideas around birth, and definitely won’t be making you walk around clucking like a chicken!

Visualisation and Affirmations – Through these tools, I will teach you how to further reset your mind and the deep rooted negative ideas that have led so many people to believe that birth is something to be feared.

Labour, birth and deviations from the norm – This part of the course breaks down stages of labour, explaining ins and outs that you need to know. We cover topics around place of birth, how to write your birth preferences, any special circumstances leading up to labour and any deviations from the norm during labour. [At some points in our lives, we hit a plot twist and this can happen in birth too. I will teach you exactly how to navigate these positively and calmly should they crop up!]

Birth rights – I truly believe that the key to a positive birth is to come away from your experience having made informed decisions – empowered by the choices that you made with every twist and turns that may have arisen during the journey to meeting your baby. You will be taught, by yours truly, how to OWN. THE. ROOM. [And how your birth companion can help you to achieve this.]

Birth companions and their role – Hypnobirthing values birth companions and encourages them to be involved in both the preparation and the main event when it comes to pregnancy and childbirth. My courses are women-centred but also consider your birth companion’s role – they are your gatekeeper, and there is so much power in having someone by your side who is just as informed to help you achieve the best birth for you on the day.

Phew! You made it to the end! SO, what do you think?

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